Chalkboard Specials (January 17 - January 23 )

Grille Pizza  12.95
Red pizza with greens, red peppers and three cheeses

Blackened Shrimp and Tomato Cream  19.95
Linguine with tomato cream sauce, blackened shrimp and fresh basil

Ribeye Steak  22.95
Vermicelli and tomato sauce with a grilled 8oz. ribeye, garnished with chiles, mushrooms marsala and fried greens

Chicken and Broccoli  18.95
Fettucine with alfredo sauce, roasted chicken and sauteed broccoli

Italian Burger Platter  13.95
Quarter pound burger with provolone cheese, pepperoni and tomato sauce, served with a house salad and a side of ziti with tomato sauce

Nightly $2 beers on ice
"If it's on ice, it's on special"