Chalkboard Specials (September 20 - September 26 )

Grille Pizza  13.95
Red with pepperoni, bacon, crumbled sausage and three cheeses

Ribeye Steak  22.95
Vermicelli and tomato sauce with a grilled 8oz. ribeye, garnished with chiles, mushrooms marsala and fried greens

Shrimp  19.95
Fettucine with basil alfredo sauce, topped with sauteed shrimp

Chicken Cacciatore  18.95
Ziti w/ roasted chicken and marinara sauce combined with chile peppers, sauteed onions and bell peppers

Open Face Meatball Platter  12.95
Open face meatball sandwich, baked with 3 cheeses, served with a side of ziti and a house salad

Nightly $2 beers on ice
"If it's on ice, it's on special"